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* kostet Hundesteuer
* Nachbar beschwert sich ständig
* teures Premiumfutter


* steuerfrei
* Nachbar wurde seit seiner ersten Beschwerde nicht mehr gesehen

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33 years ago on 28 May anarchists joined first time since Kropotkin's funerals demonstration in soviet #Moscow with banner "Freedom without socialism is privillige and injustice. Socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality". #Anarchism #USSR

Legal reimt sich halt auf scheißegal - statutenkonform nicht!

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Belarusian regime claims that Hamas wanted to bomb Ryanair that was saved by Lukashenko personally. Today minister of transport read a letter from Hamas to Belarusian Minsk airport about bombing. They did all of that with serious faces... ))))))) #belarus #hamas #repression

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Belarusian secret police organized a fake bombing to hijack Ryanair plane Athens - Vilnius to capture one of the former Nexta telegram channel editors. He is now arrested in #Minsk. #Belarus WTF?!

for me it was Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Iceland and Finland - with Italy, Russia and Ukraine being in the top 3

that's actually a lot considering I rarely get any hashtags here

okay - had expected this being Finland with a second band (from the style) 😅

liked the Netherlands there. Especially the dancers!

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the music video for Ukraine's song is really cool too btw!

"You came all the way from Russia, to sit in a box"
"Oh, it's an amazing box"


"put your middle fingers up": I think the hand from the German one heard them practice

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