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Keeping warm by going through Elena Chernyshova's photos of the arctic city of Norilsk, which is in darkness for 45 days a year.

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Die Lösung, falls ihr keinen Bock auf Verwandtschaftsbesuche habt.

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😕 SuperdollerMist! Alles weg, verbrannt! Die unglaublich wichtige Arbeit & der Einsatz unserer Freunde von @CrimethInc ist erstmal weg.

Wenn ihr könnt, helft doch mit, sie wieder aufzubauen. Bauen wir CrimethInc. auf, bauen wir auch uns auf.

DANKE alle.

was ist passiert:

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"Shouldn't have installed sl. I SHOULD NOT HAVE INSTALLED SL!"

submitted by Dr_Backpropagation

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Wer, verdammt noch mal, hat schon wieder vergessen das Windrad zu gießen?!

So wird das nie was mit der Energiewende! Echt jetzt!

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"Because the cloud fucked up one too many times, so Mommy decided to set up her own networked cloud with the other mommies in the neighborhood in a mesh network and distributed fault-tolerant storage"

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You know, I love what @PINE64 are doing (I have two PinePhones, a Pinebook Pro, and the PineTime to play with) but can we talk about how you can’t spot a single woman in any of the community photos on the web site?

#inclusivity #diversity

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assigned gender meta, transmisogyny 

i'm seeing way too much "speaking about assigned genders is bad, stop it, it doesn't matter" and, honestly, it kinda makes me angry. oh, you don't see gender? well yeah, gender is a construct, but that doesn't make the fact that i'm not welcome in "feminist" and "flinta" spaces any less real, and the reason for that is very clearly that i'm amab, no matter how much i hate that term and don't want to use it myself. how am i supposed to talk about that fact then?

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“Why isn’t the new year on the winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

Like, seriously, people notice "OCTOber" and "DECEMber" and say, "hey, those mean 'eight' and 'ten', but they're the 10th and 12th months, what's up with that?".

If you've got a little more history, you'll know that July and August are named after Julius and Augustus Caesar, and think, "oh, they added those two months and bumped the rest of the months back."

Nope. The Romans were way, way worse at calendars than that.

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Use programming-positive language!

🚫 DON'T say "arbitrary code execution vulnerability"

✔️ DO say "surprise extension API"
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People often wonder why printers are so cantankerous but frankly any device that embeds pigmented runes in the remains of long-dead trees is going to be stricken by an ancient faerie curse from the start

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“As of 2020, various countries have laws which criminalise lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people. In order for software and content to be distributed in those countries without breaking the law, and possible reprisal, it is necessary to be able to tag software and content which contains LGBT references, so that it can be hidden in those countries.”

Like, seriously, fuck you for ever writing this.

How the fuck does someone write something like this and think, yeah, this is fine?

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Wow, just had a proper look at OARS (Open Age Ratings Service) used in GNOME Software, elementary OS AppCenter, etc., and it’s problematic as hell.

Thank goodness they removed “homosexuality” from the rating (wtf?) but it still represents a very limited world-view.

e.g. “nudity likely to cause offense”

To whom, exactly?

“Intense: Explicit nudity showing nipples…”

Men, put your shirts back on!

Under language: profanity (“defined as blasphemous…language”)

Not a secular rating, then…

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The Tor FUD cycle:

1. People see headline about bad Tor relays
2. People don't read article, just boost
3. People stop using Tor
4. Random people start posting "Isn't Tor compromised??"
5. Even though original article mentions that the bad relays were removed at the bottom, less people use Tor because of the FUD headline and traffic correlation attacks on the Tor network become easier for the original threat actor running bad relays their next attempt. Creeping closer and closer to actually being effective.

Don't let the network fall to this! :tor: forever!!

Anyways if you have a machine with good internet you don't use too much, run a Tor relay! Doesn't have to be an exit relay to make a difference, either (so no potential legal issues from your ISP)! You can get free swag from the tor project :)

Or you can donate to help run relays too!

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calling u all out for using spotify 😉

It's terrible for artists. Please also give money to musicians using ways that actually put money in their pocket.

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Spotify is one of the most atrocious companies doing some of the worst damage to access to culture and the fucking texture of society and I don't care how much you can't live without the convenience; it's criminally evil and you should seriously leave it.

Stop empowering billionaire rent-seeking. Stop starving artists by supporting their profit model. Stop giving money to a company that bought and platforms joe rogan .Stop empowering a company that invests in weapons development.

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Leah summarised it correctly. Besides being a Ponzi scheme, it hurts the open source community. A lot of open art projects get closed down because they get heavily exploited.
There are a thousand more problems I can't even describe in a single toot (energy consumption, artificial scarcity,...).

I try to not mention NFT too much because you get HEAVY backlashes from the crypto community.

Good reads/views:
@jorval @blinry

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Dear developers, especially those working on free and open software: every new release is an opportunity to have someone discover your tool.

Make sure you explain what your tool is when announcing a new release and have links to where people can learn more about it.

#foss #dev

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